Buying a house or apartment is a goal for many
households. As the sums involved are large, it is necessary to prepare your
project well and ask yourself the right questions at the right time.

Defining your real estate purchase project

The first step is to precisely define your real estate
project. It is important to spend some time on it and to list all the questions
to ask yourself. A necessary reflection that allows you to better target the
real estate offers and to be sure that they correspond to your project.

The localization

The location of the property is the first question to
be asked. It is of great importance, particularly with regard to the price of
the property. It is necessary to ask yourself if you want to live close to the
city centre, means of transport, schools, shops or if you are ready to move
away to the outskirts to have a bigger or more recent home. People considering
living in the country are not exempt from these types of questions. They need
to consider whether to move to the village centre or to a more isolated
location. Are you prepared to take your car every time you want to go shopping
or take your children to school? You should also look at the distance from your
workplace. For example, if there are many roads, it is better to drive several
times to work at different times of the day to get a clear idea of how long it
will take each day.

It makes sense to be methodical and to prioritize the
notion of comfort, neighbourhood and transport and to ask oneself what
concessions one is or is not able to make.

The type of property

Another question that needs to be answered is what type
of property one wishes to acquire. Whether it is an apartment, a house or a
piece of land to build on, the consequences will not be the same for the rest
of the process. To make this choice, several characteristics must be taken into
account. People who choose an apartment should not be frightened by
promiscuity, the possibility of hearing the noise of neighbours or the lack of
outdoor space. In their calculations, they should take into account the costs
of co-ownership which can reach several hundred euros per month. These are
inconveniences that people who want to buy a house rarely find. This does not mean,
however, that there are none. Although the price per m² is generally lower for
a house than for an apartment, the maintenance costs are higher. If the roof
has to be re-roofed or the facade has to be rebuilt, the cost can quickly rise
and will have to be borne in full (and not divided between co-owners). The
advantage of a house is also that it usually has an outdoor space, but how much
will it cost to fit it out? Will you take the time to take care of it? Third
option: buy a lot and have it built. While building your home to your taste can
be attractive, you should not forget that it takes an average of one year to
get settled in. A project that can take a lot of time because it is advisable
to keep a watchful eye almost daily on the building site.

New or old?

The choice must also be made between new or old. A
question that may arise from the questions listed above. In this reflection, it
is necessary to consider that today the greatest number of new constructions
are far from the city centres and may not have the charm of old stones. Other
arguments in favour of the old: the higher initial price and the difficulty of
projecting oneself when buying off-plan. It is not always easy to imagine what
the project will look like when it is finished but also the neighbourhood, if
there will be new infrastructures, new shops or transport. From a financial
point of view, the difference in price can be compensated by reduced notary
fees and the assurance, during the first years, of not having to finance any
major works. In this calculation, it is also necessary to include long-term
expenses for heating, condominium fees, etc.

Drawing up a budget

In addition to defining your real estate project, you
need to have a precise idea of the budget you have available. To do this, you
need to know the amount of monthly payments you are able to repay as well as
the amount of money that you can inject directly without having to take out a
loan. It may also be wise to look at all the financial help available to help
you set up your project.

The different ways to find the property

There are many channels for finding accommodation. The
simplest and oldest is word of mouth. If you are looking for a property in the
area where you already live, don’t hesitate to talk about it around you to your
neighbours, shopkeepers… One of them may have heard of something.

The main reflex for his search is to turn to the
Internet. Many sites offer online ads. To avoid wasting too much time or always
coming across the same properties, it is essential to sort through all these
sites. It is necessary to know if you privilege the sites of sale between
private individuals, those of the real estate agencies .

Then, in order not to lose too much time, it is better
to list the points to be checked on the advertisements like the amount of the
loads if you are in joint ownership, that of the property tax or the note
obtained within the framework of the energy diagnosis.